Resellers Welcome

The Net-at-hand reseller program gives designers the opportunity to offer Net-at-hand to clients, with their own unique login, while maintaining the ability to access those accounts and control the design of the site.

As a designer, this gives your clients the ability to easily maintain their own websites, and gives you the opportunity to earn some regular income while Net-at-hand does all the work of maintaining the system.

As a designer, you can create Net-at-hand accounts for your clients, and maintain access to those accounts for the purpose of helping your clients.

Resellers are billed one the first of each month depending on the number of client sites that are in their account.

Billing plans

Net-at-hand lets you set up billing plans for your clients where you set the price per site that your client will be billed. Net-at-hand then charges your clients whatever price you have set. When your reseller account is billed on the first of each month, the payments that have been made by your clients are applied to your account. If there is any remaining that you owe Net-at-hand, you will be charged that amount. If there is an overage, which is your profit, that amount is sent to you via Paypal or check.

How to set up client billing:

Things you should know: