Using your own domain name

These instructions are for configuring your own domain name to point to your net-at-hand website.

WARNING It is very possible for you mess up your domain name if mistakes are made in these configuration settings. You should make careful note of what an item was set to before you changed it, so that if things are not functioning as they should be, you can change it back. Net-at-hand cannot help you in configuring your domain with your domain registrar; you will need to contact them if you need assistance.

Set-up your net-at-hand website for your domain name

If you own your own domain name and want to use it for your net-at-hand website, enter that domain name as one of the addresses in the address area of the site tab.

For example, if you owned the domain name “” you would enter this as an address for your site. After saving it you would see “” in the list of addresses. This single address will let your website respond to both “” and “”.

Note: you will need to enter separate addresses for your domain with the “www” in front and without the “www” in front if you want your website to respond to both of those.

Once you do this, your next step is with your domain registrar.

Set-up your domain with®

These are the instructions for configuring your domain if you registered your domain with and your domain name is currently parked with them. If your domain is registered with a different registrar, you should be able to figure out what to do based on these steps. Contact your domain registrar if you need further assistance.

(1) Once you are logged in to your account click on My Domain Names menu item in the Domains menu. This will take you to godaddy’s “Domain Control Center”.

(2) In the “Domain Control Center,” click on the domain name you want to use for your net-at-hand site. This will take you to the page for controlling that domain name.

(3) Find the link that says “Total DNS Control and MX records” and click it. This will take you to the”Total DNS Control Panel.” This will give you a list of hosts for your domain broken up into different sections.

(4) Locate the section near the top that lists “A (Host)” records, and click on the edit button for the host name ”@”.

(5) The edit screen for the ”@” host will give you three fields that you can change. You will be changing the numbers that are shown in the “Points To Ip Address:” field. These numbers are the address of the computer that your website is hosted on. Change these numbers to the ip address for The ip address for is (include all the dots, do not put any spaces). When you have typed in the numbers click on the “OK” button.

On 2/24/12 Net-at-hand moved to a new server. The IP address for the old server is If you are updating the DNS settings for your domain to point to the new server, any place that you see the old IP address, you should change it to the current IP address listed above.

(6) Your domain name is now configured to point to net-at-hand. However, it may take a day or two (up to 48 hours) for the change to propagate through the internet. You may not even see the change in your own browser until then.