Contact Form

The contact form allows you to easily add a page to your website which will allow your site visitors to send you an email through a web-based form.

This has the advantage that you email address is not displayed to the public, so spam robots will not get your email address because of it’s display on the web.

You can put whatever text you wish to on the contact page, and Net-at-hand will place the form below your text.

Advanced options for the contact form

If you wish to create your own contact form you may do so by putting the code <|hideform|> somewhere in the text for the contact form. This code will tell Net-at-hand not to generate the contact form, but you will do it yourself.

When you do this, you can create an html form just like any other html form, but there are a couple things you will need to do in order for Net-at-hand to handle your form properly.

First you should place the form inside a <notextile> tag. Net-at-hand passes all HTML output through a textile parser. Textile will try to convert some of the quotes and tags to their entities, which will cause problems with the form functioning properly.

Second you should use the code <|url|> as the action for your form. Net-at-hand will insert the url for your contact form here.

Third your form must contain an input of type “text” with a name of “contactform[email]”. Net-at-hand checks the value of this input to make sure it appears to be a valid email address (Net-at-hand checks the format of the address only, it does not verify that the address is an actual address).

Fourth, all other inputs in the form should have a name using this format, “contactform[input_name]”, where “input_name” is replaced with some descriptor of your choosing. When the form submission is emailed to you, the input_name will be displayed above the value that was submitted in the form. Note that the input_name should not have any spaces.

One additional note—When the contact form is submitted, none of the values that are entered are retained. This will cause a problem if there is an error with the email address because none of the values entered to that point will be in the form. To correct this, set the value attribute of the input to <|input_name|> where “input_name” is the descriptor you used for that input in the name. So if you want to keep the value of a text input, you could use this code

<input type="text" name="contactform[some_name]" value="<|some_name|>" />