Net-at-hand Terms and Conditions of use

last updated—November 12, 2007



Responsibilities of Net-at-hand

Responsibilities of You

Privacy Policy


You are “You”, we are “Net-at-hand”.

For the purpose of this agreement, you will be referred to as “You”. Net-at-hand will be referred to as “Net-at-hand”.

Using net-at-hand means you agree to these terms.

These terms and conditions are a legal agreement between Net-at-hand and You. You agree to abide by any and all limitations and policies set in this agreement.

If You fail to abide by any policy in this agreement you will either be asked to correct the situation or your account will be terminated immediately. This will be done at our discretion.

This agreement may change in the future and you agree to abide by any changes that are made to this agreement. We will make a reasonable attempt to contact you and inform you of any changes that are made. But you are responsible to abide by the agreement even if you are not aware of the changes.

If you cannot abide by this agreement at any point in the future You agree to terminate your account. Continued use of the Net-at-hand services implies Your acceptance of this agreement.

Responsibilities of Net-at-hand

Net-at-hand will provide services for creating and maintaining a website.

Net-at-hand’s system exists to give you services for creating and maintaining websites. Net-at-hand will perform any action necessary to keep the services offered from being interrupted and functioning properly.

Net-at-hand does not guarantee that the services provided will not be interrupted. If the service fails to function properly Net-at-hand will work to restore it in a timely manner. Net-at-hand is not responsible in any way for any damage incurred by you because of such a failure. Your only recourse in such a case is to terminate your account and stop using the service.

Net-at-hand will provide email support for its services.

Net-at-hand will provide a reasonable amount of email support to You for all services that Net-at-hand provides.

Net-at-hand will perform daily backup of database in case something bad happens.

Net-at-hand will backup all database data each day at midnight. This backup is for the purpose of restoring data in the case of a system failure. You will not be able to access data from the backup in the event that you inadvertently damage or delete your data.

Images and file uploads are stored on a separate system which is safeguarded against hardware failure (redundant storage on a raid system). Because of this a separate backup copy of those files is not kept.

Net-at-hand will give out any information from your account requested by law enforcement.

If Net-at-hand is requested by any law enforcement agency to provide information from any account on Net-at-hand’s system, Net-at-hand will provide that information.

Responsibilities of You

You will pay Net-at-hand each month for any non-free plan you choose.

Net-at-hand offers several plans for You to choose from based on Your needs. You agree to pay Net-at-hand each month based on Your chosen plan.

A plan month begins the date that you start a subscription, and will go to the corresponding date of the following month.

No refunds will be given if you cancel or change your plan once you have paid for a month.

You will use Net-at-hand for lawful purposes only.

You may not use any part Net-at-hand to perform any activity which violates federal, state, or local laws or ordinances.

You will not post or link to pornography or any obscene material.

Putting pornography or any obscene material, as well as linking to any such material, is strictly prohibited.

You are solely responsible for the content you put on Net-at-hand.

Net-at-hand bears no responsibility for anything You put on Net-at-hand.

Resource usage must be a reasonable amount.

Net-at-hand’s system is built to give you an easy way to maintain a website. Any resource usage of Your website which is above limits established by Net-at-hand or is beyond a reasonable amount of usage for the type of service offered will be dealt with by Net-at-hand by asking you to upgrade to a different plan, restricting your account to keep You from excessive resource usage, or terminating your account.

Net-at-hand will make every effort to try to come to an agreement with You.

You will not abuse the system or try to circumvent imposed limitations.

Net-at-hand imposes limitations to accounts based on the type of account You have. You agree that you will not abuse the system or try to circumvent the limitations that are placed on your account.

Privacy Policy

Net-at-hand will not ever give or sell your personal to anyone (the only exception is if we are asked by law enforcement to provide information about a Net-at-hand account).

We will not send you any junk email. We do periodically send out an email newsletter about changes to Net-at-hand. If you would rather not receive this email newletter, the sent email will give you a means for unsubscribing from the newsletter with a single click.